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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Positive Names - Is Yours One?

Positive Names.
Have you noticed how some people seem to have charmed lives, good luck always seems to be on their side and they flow effortlessly through life? Are you one of those people? Or are you someone who always seems to be struggling, and if there's bad luck around you'll attract it? Maybe you fall somewhere between these two extremes.

Could any of the above scenarios possibly be because, in part, of the name someone has? 'No' would have been my answer once. Now, it is a resounding 'Yes'. Your name is affecting you, whether you believe it is or not, every day of your life, for good or for bad.

If you have a positive name ie. one that, using Numerology Calculation, totals a number with good personality traits then the sky's the limit for you! The reverse is also true - if your name totals a number that brings personality problems, health or relationship problems then you are going to have to put all your energy into just keeping some balance in your life.

The good news is, you can change your name to one that brings you what you want in all areas of your life if your current name is holding you back. For more info go to
Positive Names.

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